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Your support and contributions will enable us to help one of the 24,679 who were aged out of foster care last year.

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In 2016, 24,679 children in foster care turned 18 and were "emancipated" or "aged out." Most of them were on their own – without housing, financial assistance or emotional support. But, we made a promise to these youths. ​We promised them that we would find new families. A place to call home, to be loved, supported and cherished, as every child should. ​​Yet, we failed the 24,679 youths, and legally emancipated them from care.

Career Readiness

The Career Readiness Program will provide our young men with the basics of job hunting and how to communicate their skills. We are developing affiliations with local companies to teach resume preparation, job application completion, and mock interviews.

Our Programs


Our Residential Program will provide a structured space for our young adults to work on vocational training, personal and spiritual development, vital life skills and emotional healing. Our life skill training series will teach budgeting, time management, techniques to deal with stress, personal hygiene, budgeting, and laundry skills.


Our Mentoring Program will support our residents and graduates with a social network. We are reaching out to the local communities and churches to provide mentors. Our mentors genuinely care since many have walked similar paths and can let our young men know that they are not alone.

Trade Programs

The Manasseh House is seeking partnerships with vocational schools and local craftsmen to teach our residents trade skills that are critical to everyday life. Our program sets career paths to become plumbers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, electricians, and mechanics. 


The Manasseh House is partnering with area colleges to offer higher education certifications and degrees. We will work to transfer credits, transition our young men to college, and provide financial aid application assistance. Please consider a donation to our scholarship fund.