Manasseh House will provide a safe and healthy campus for young men emancipated from foster care. Residents learn life skills that help them transition to independent living. They participate in all facets of home life - cooking, cleaning, budgeting and being family. They attend Christian church services. They give back with community service. Working as apprentices with local craftsmen, our young men learn employable trades. They graduate to jobs and are not dependent on social programs.

Manasseh House

 Cost of Doing Nothing

  24,679 youth annually aged out of foster care

$300,000/yr is spent to support one youth (public assistance, incarceration, and lost wages over a lifetime)                                                                                 
$7.4 Billion in costs to taxpayers

The Mission of Manasseh House is to improve the public funded aging out process by setting standards of excellence in self-independence, education and teaching tradesman in the community and the world.

Manasseh House is diverse and inclusive in keeping young men from returning to a life of uncertainty and resorting to living on the streets. It is a transitional home for young men ages 18-24 who want to bridge to successful employment/educational opportunities.  It is home where young men can feel safe and be mentored with successful life skills, preventing setbacks or returning to past life circumstances of misfortune.

Manasseh House pushes the boundaries of discovery through education, teaching a trade by networking with communities and apprenticeship programs and creates hope for those who are searching for self-independence and integrity through leadership.

Together we will deliver the promise of decreasing the number of young men turning to a life of uncertainty from living on the streets and helping them to become champions of hope for humanity.

     * Leadership through Integrity
     * Excellence through Discovery
     * Respect through Collegiality
     * Self-Independence through Self-Esteem