Manasseh House and Waterboyz”

May 2016

Gettysburg, PA

Manasseh House partnered with the Waterboyz to provide a community clean up project at a home in rural Pennsylvania.  It was a time to roll up your sleeves and have fun cutting grass, pruning bushes, planting flowers and painting. A great time was had by all. If you know people in need of support (yard work, home maintenance, barn raising or running errands) please email us. 

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Monte Carlo Night

Press Release - Monte Carlo Night

Manasseh House  “Monte Carlo Night”

October 14, 2016

Holly Hills Country Club

Beautiful women. Stunning men. Taking risks.  Winning big. This Monte Carlo Night was a fundraiser for the Manasseh House “Coming Home Campaign!”  It featured instructors who taught an insider's view on playing  Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Texas Hold ‘em.  A fabulous floor show was provided by Billy Finch and the Hollywood Legends (Dean Martin.  Frank Sinatra, Rodney Dangerfield.and Elvis.) 

Press Release - Coming Home Campaign

 Cost of Doing Nothing

  24,679 youth annually aged out of foster care

$300,000/yr is spent to support one youth (public assistance, incarceration, and lost wages over a lifetime)                                                                                 
$7.4 Billion in costs to taxpayers

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